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Experience a totally new feeling in lightness; one never before had when it comes to kids car seats. Its total weight, including the carry bag, is less than 5 kg and it is 3 times lighter and 5 times more compact than a conventional kids car seat. The HY5’s efficient functionality saves resources and makes production and transport more sustainable and more up to date.


Until now, after only a few months, babies have required larger kids car seats. The HY5 spares you the hassle of that! The reboarder combines the size categories of 0 and 1 and, thanks to its flexible yet perfect fit, offers the ultimate in safety for children between 0 and 5 years of age. With its automated folding mechanism and the SAS technology, it takes only a mere 2 minutes to install.


HY5 meets ADAC’s high standards as well as those of the “Stiftung Warentest” and has passed countless tests in both Europe and Asia. The HY5 has been tried out in all kinds of circumstances and has also made the grade when put to the test under the most extreme of simulations. The innovative construction of the HY5 necessitated the examining of the unknown and the establishment of new norms. When it comes to safety, there is no room for compromise. The test results have impressed safety experts worldwide.

The next generation
of child safety seats.

The lightest
kids car seat in the group 0/1

The better-designed child car seat.
Concerning the installation of kids car seats, it must be done right. It is about the safety of our children. Anyone who has ever used a kids car seat knows what we are talking about. Conventional kids car seats do not make things easy for parents. Not at all. With their average weight of more than 12 kg and their inflexibility, for long trips the standard ones are rather inconvenient! As both designers and parents, over the years we have observed how kids car seats have become heavier, more complicated and more impractical. At the same time, we know, from personal experience that as parents, we want the absolute opposite. Today it is all about mobility, simplicity and the highest standards in safety. We decided to take on the task! To find the perfect solution. We examined the proven technology critically and had the courage to take new paths. The result is the HY5. Our focus is on today’s parents with children of 0 to 5 years of age.


HY5 is the future in mobility for parents with 0 to 5-year-olds. With its so-called reboarder seat, innovative SAS (side air suspension) technology and patented folding mechanism, this kids car seat ensures the highest in safety. Thus, enabling many of the challenges of urban life to be met. Intelligently.


Product features

Highend accu pump

Pump stops automatically

SAS – Side Air Suspension System

The Side Air Suspension System fills up automatically with the pump in just a few minutes. The intelligent two-color LED warning system indicates ready-to-use and sends signals when the pressure drops below the required system pressure. With the Quick Release button, the seat can be folded together again in a short time. If the pump is not at hand, the standardized valve allows the filling at each petrol station or with all common pumps.

LED Warningsystem

Contemporary design is meant to fascinate.

Contemporary design is meant to fascinate. It must however, also communicate the concrete benefits of the product. The HY5’s optics emphasise its advantages. When it transforms from a handy bag to a high-quality kids car seat it meets urban needs.  The HY5 seat allows today’s parents to move more freely and more easily. With no other car seat can parents offer a child such a roomy comfortable interior space with such minimised external dimensions. The HY5 gives parents a new self-image. Having children and mobility now goes hand in hand. It’s now a given.

Discover the collection –
choose your favourite.

The HY5 collection has 4 attractive patterns to choose from to match your lifestyle. Whether sporty, dynamic blue stripes, stylish, cool black stars, modern, fashionable red camouflage or classy, elegant natural knit. Kids car seats can look so good!

blue stripes

black stars

red camouflage

natural knit

The Reboarder Concept.
The Ultimate in Safety.

The reboarder system – a rear-facing kids car seat – is verifiably the safest solution when it comes to the transport of small children.  In the event of an accident in a conventional, forward-facing child car seat, the child’s head is wrenched forward.  Depending on the child’s age, weight and size, in a car going only a speed of 50 km/h, upon impact a load of up to 500 kg is put upon the fragile neck of a child. The reboarder system lessens this force significantly.  In the event of collision, the rear-facing kids car seat enables the distribution of the load over the entire spine of a child, reducing it over 80%. This difference can save a child’s life!

We’ve passed the tests with flying colours!
An innovative kids car seat has many functions. One function always ranks first: the protection of the child. We expect a lot from the HY5. We must meet the exceptionally high standards of the strict test criteria of the European ADAC and the “Stiftung Warentest”. The HY5 was put through elaborate multi-tiered testing procedures by the world’s leading experts at product testing facilities. Professional crash tests were simulated using extreme conditions and the same loads were utilised on our car seats as those which occur in real life car accidents. Using sensors and highspeed cameras, the safety performance of the HY5 was measured objectively.

In addition, the HY5 was tested for its functionality regarding temperature and air pressure fluctuations. And we assessed the response behaviour to impact to foreign objects. The tests endorse our most important ambitions. The patented technology of the HY5 is unique, extremely stable yet at the same time pliable and load absorbant. The HY5 functions like a protective airbag and additionally wins you over due to its extreme lightness and minimal use of materials. The HY5 provides the perfect protection for your child.

urban mobility

More and more people worldwide are choosing to live their lives in urban environments. In order to get from A to B as quickly as possible, using one’s own car is not always the best solution. Today’s wide range of available transportation possibilities enables speedier, more efficient modern movement. Through its extremely light construction and its flexible technology, the HY5 allows you, as parents, to keep all your options open. You can now intuitively and spontaneously decide how you want to travel. Carefree travel with children without the complications; exactly what you’ve always wanted!

A true companion.
We offer you freedom to get to where you need to go with children: quickly, comfortably and safely. With the HY5 it no longer matters which sort of transport you use. It is so light and compact that you can take it with you wherever you go. With its easy-as-can-be installation, it is usable everywhere; it can be used in rental cars as well as in taxis and has been approved for airplane travel. Don’t waste your time and energy for one more second with inflexible, bulky kids car seats. Enjoy newfound freedom in all modes of transport with the safest and most practical kids car seat ever.

We are experts
and parents both.

A need can only be fully recognised when a person experiences it personally. Top experts in the field of children’s safety are behind the creation of Nachfolger. We are however not simply expert technicians with long-term, proven experience. We are also parents and know exactly what it means to travel with children. This first hand experience is what took our knowhow to the next level.

Team - nachfolger

Jörn Clausen

20 years of international experience in consumer goods Brand-Building

Gerd Mitter
CEO & Partner

15 years of international experience in the field of child safety

Rainald Keller
COO & Partner

20 years of international experience in innovation and design