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    Safe, stress-free travel from one place to another? Changing cars after a quick stopover? That’s not a problem for nachfolger. When it comes to modern urban mobility, our HY5 makes the most of its strengths.

    The HY5 provides the flexibility you need when travelling, managing a patchwork family or car sharing. And it’s an eye-catcher as well.



Three times lighter, five times smaller when compressed and overall less complicated – a state-of-the-art car seat for children



Ready in a flash – suitable for children ages 0 to 5 who travel often and need to be safe



A powerful protector that meets all the world’s leading safety standards

“The best invention since the foldable buggy.”
– Emilia, Vienna

“Travelling with children will be much easier now.”
– Larissa, Berlin

“I love this seat, both my kids love it especially the newborn.”
– Elise, Singapur

“Where can we get this top-secret game-changer?”
– Steven, Shenzhen



Take a load off your life! Things are exciting, tiring and demanding enough. With the HY5, the safety of your child fits into a compact bag.

With its innovative SAS technology, it quickly transforms into an ultra-safe kids car seat, protecting your child like an airbag. And it’s always ready to demonstrate its greatest strengths.

Safety? It’s child’s play!


Air can be
so safe

The licence office and the organizations of the consumer tests set strict standards with your safety in mind. We are delighted that the HY5 fulfills all of their demands and has received their certificates of approval. We’re especially proud because it’s a brand new concept that keeps your child safe.


How did we manage to build the world’s lightest folding kids car seat?
It’s simple – because we need it. As fathers, we’ve had enough of carrying
around bulky contraptions. And since we have experience with kids car seats,
we thought about ways to improve them. That’s how the HY5 was invented.


If the HY5 doesn’t meet your expectations, for whatever reason, you can simply return it within 14 days and get your money back. Read more


New things often raise a lot of questions. You can find the answers on this website. If not, our Support Team will be happy to respond to your phone call, e-mail or letter. Read more

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