What is the UN ECE R44/04? It’s the certificate for a kids car seat that is approved all around the world. The HY5 has one.

Our standard is top

Safety is the most important aspect of a kids car seat. We are passionate at working to fine-tune that aspect, always with the aim of improvement. Competent experts in leading laboratories all around the world test the results. They are strict and uncompromising.

The result: A safty rating of 1.9 in ADAC test (May 2019), a certification in accordance with the UN ECE R44/04 standard as well as TÜV approval for use in aircraft (with nachfolger travel kit)  – and above all, one of the safest kids car seats in the world.

Certified and tested according to UNECE
ECE R44/04
Certified and tested by TÜV SÜD

The rear-facing kids car seat: turn it around

Speaking of improvements and innovation – the rear-facing kids car seat is the safest seat in the car for newborns and children ages one to five. There’s considerably less risk of spinal injury since they sit opposite the direction of travel.

We’re always improving what’s new

It’s always been our philosophy to keep upgrading what has already been established by incorporating new ideas and technologies and developing innovative safety concepts. For example with the HY5, we picked up on the trend of combining several types of kids car seats into a single product.

It also uses our very own SAS technology, which combines with its exceptional design to create an unmistakable game-changer. In other words, we’re very proud of the fact that we’ve created something that questions all previous products or even surpasses them.

The HY5 has an Air Control System and a Side-Air-Suspension System, which join forces to form the intelligent part of the seat.


“Only a properly installed kids car seat is a safe one.”

Gerd Mitter, Founder, CEO and safety expert in the field of child seats with 15 years of experience

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