The rapid transformation and development of urban spaces also entails many new opportunities in mobility. We are keeping a close eye on the future of movement in urban surroundings, developing solutions for people who want to be ready for the future today.

A new sense of

Mobility is becoming increasingly important in our segmented, flexible society.

Moreover, our urban centers are continually growing. Today, more than 51% of the world’s population live in densely populated regions. According to studies, the figure will have risen to 70% by 2050. That poses great industrial challenges to provide municipal infrastructures and develop mobile services. We need to reconsider our old habits and patterns of behavior. Digitization is both an accelerator and a tool in this process.



Life in major cities is developing at an ever-greater pace. New living spaces are being created and new means of transportation are emerging. Having a private car is no longer that important. What counts is being able to navigate the concrete jungle quickly and easily. Urban mobility and sustainability are catchphrases that define our way of life.

We thought about how to master life with children in major cities and developed our HY5 mobile kids car seat as a result. Mobile service providers such as Uber, car2go, Drive Now and Didicar provide cities with a range of ways to reach your destination. That’s where the HY5 can utilize its benefits to the fullest. It’s perfectly suited for switching cars quickly and making spontaneous decisions on how to get from one place to another. It’s no problem taking your child to visit friends or go shopping. The HY5 is the new form of urban mobility that offers a practical element of freedom.



Going on holidays with small children is not always relaxing. Our HY5 kids car seat makes such trips easier. And lighter. In the true sense of the word.

The HY5 is the perfect solution for travel. It’s right there when you need it. And once you’ve reached your destination, you can stow it away in a flash.

It’s a true featherweight at 5 kg. Whether you travel by taxi or rent a car, you can use our child seat on all modes of transportation. And you’re not the only one who benefits – on longer hauls, children can rest better in the HY5. Its small outer dimensions and roomy interior make it ideal for a short nap or a longer afternoon rest. Travel the world with nachfolger®



Managing kids today is often a task for several people. The decision on who will pick the child up tomorrow is often made on short notice. In such situations, the HY5 can always be there and safety becomes simple and flexible.

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